Video of woman overdosing and her daughter trying to wake her up goes viral

Police release video of overdoses mother in a Family Dollar with her daughter trying to wake her up (Lawrence Police Department)

LAWRENCE, Ma. (WSET) -- Cameras captured a heartbreaking moment when a child desperately tried to wake her mother, who was overdosing inside a Family Dollar store.

In the video you see the woman sprawled in the middle of a store aisle as her two-year-old daughter cries, tugging at her arms, trying to wake her up.

In the background, bystanders are heard calling 911 for help, but no one personally intervenes.

The police chief, James Fitzpatrick, who shared the video, said the child has already been removed from her mother's care and the mother will likely face charges of child endangerment.

Fitzpatrick said he doesn't believe in publicly shaming addicts with videos like this, but, "I could see that there's a value in the fact that people can see how debilitating and what this addiction causes," he said.

Police say they hope in sharing this video, it will alert people to the horrific consequences of drug use, something not seen by the public every day, but ever-present to first responders.

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