These airbags are supposed to save your life but could potentially kill you

These airbags are supposed to save your life but could potentially kill you

They’re in place to keep you safe. Instead, they’re killing people.

Defective Takata airbags are still in millions of vehicles across the U.S. despite being recalled over two years ago.

On Thursday, Florida Senator Bill Nelson declared that more needs to be done to get these deadly airbags off our roads. They’ve already killed over 15 people and injured 200 others.

“They’re supposed to save your life but it could potentially kill you… Sharp metal objects and plastics would be coming out right through this bag cutting right through it, right into you,” said Jim Price Body Manager, Rene Cabrera.

The plastic and metal pieces could come at you at around 180 miles per hour.

“They could potentially take an eye out, cut your throat, cut a main artery,” Cabrera said.

The nationwide defective airbag recall began in 2015 for 46 million airbags, effecting 19 automakers. Sen. Nelson says over 1.5 million vehicles in Florida still haven’t been repaired.

Cabrera says your car may have Takata airbags, and you may not know it.

“They can’t replace all the airbags at once because of the massive scale on how many are out there,” Cabrera said.

Takata is issuing the recall in stages. Sen. Nelson and Cabrera say the process needs to be faster.

“At any given time at any moment someone is dying out there from a Takata bag,” Cabrera said.

He says you don’t have to wait. You can skip the line by taking your car directly to the dealer.

“This is could be the difference between life or death by getting them done now and not waiting,” Cabrera said.

In February, Takata pleaded guilty to U.S. charges of criminal wrongdoing and agreed to pay $1 billion to resolve a federal investigation.

To find out if your car has these recalled air bags click here.

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