Virginia family returns home to find pet dog attacked home intruder

FILE PHOTO - Family returns home to find pet dog attacked home intruder (Photo: MGN Online)

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WKRC) - A family returned to its Chesterfield County home to find blood splattered on the floor and walls.

The family says there have been several break-ins recently in their neighborhood, but this time, the robber picked the wrong house.

“We noticed something when we walked in. When I walked in with my mother and there is blood spots on the ground, we looked upstairs and you see trails of blood coming from upstairs going all the way down,” Tristan Murrin told WRIC.

Their pet dog, a large German shepherd, is normally playing with young kids in the neighborhood.

“He plays with the kids. The cul-de-sac knows him. They know him as 'big dog'. The community loves him. The kids come up to him and want to touch him and play with him,” Murrin said.

“I think the dog did its job. He knew that someone was not supposed to be in my house and no one was home and he knows that he wasn’t supposed to be in there and he was doing something that he wasn’t supposed to be doing. And so he knew to act upon it.”

The family suspects the intruder needed serious medical attention due to the amount of blood that was seen in the home.

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