Dramatic rescue: Bystanders race to woman in sinking SUV

A man seen swimming to a woman's sinking SUV to try and help her, the woman ended up getting out and surviving, only being treated for mild hypothermia (CNN Newsource)

ARLINGTON, Mass. (WSET) -- Incredible video out of Massachusetts shows the dramatic rescue of a woman from her sinking SUV.

It happened early Friday morning in Arlington.

Police say the 68-year-old woman was trying to back into a parking spot when she drove over a curb, sending her car into a nearby pond.

As the vehicle slowly sank, a man swims toward it yelling, "you've got to come out!"

The SUV then slips below the surface and the man yells, "I've lost her."

Suddenly the woman comes to the surface, and another bystander swims out to help. Police say the woman was safely pulled from the water and taken to the hospital.

She was treated for mild hypothermia.

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