Cat found alive after 15 days under Armatrice, Italy rubble

A cat was rescued from the rubble of the earthquake in Italy, 15 days after it happened (Associated Press)

ARMATRICE, Italy (AP) -- Italian firefighters rescued a cat from the rubble of a collapsed house in Amatrice on Thursday, two weeks after a 6.1 magnitude earthquake hit central Italy.

The cat, allegedly called Pietro, appeared to be stuck under the rubble but was found in good spirit, even attempting to scratch the hand of the firefighter who was trying to pull him out.

The cat was taken to a veterinarian clinic in the city of Rieti.

Apart from being dehydrated, he was reported having suffered a fracture on the jaw.

Italian firefighters reported having rescued several animals from under the rubble since the quake, while ENPA (National Association for Animals Protection) reported having assisted 949 animals - either homeless, rescued or injured after the quake.

The quake in the central Apennines Mountain region claimed nearly 300 lives, injured hundreds of people and left thousands of residents homeless when several towns and hamlets were devastated.

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