"We got the beet" encourages children to adopt healthy eating

The mascot for the Lynchburg Community Market's 'We Got the Beet,' a health eating campaign for children. (Photo by: Priscilla Kaiser/WSET)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Getting children to eat healthy is often no easy task.

But, organizers at the Community Market in Lynchburg thought a catchy tune turned music video would get the message of healthy eating through to kids.

Jiggy M wrote the song "We got the Beet" as part of the market's campaign to get kids to go for more fruit and vegetables instead of greasy food.

And, the message seems to be getting through to their target audience.

"The song makes me want to do more sports, exercise more, eat more fruits, carrots, lettuce," said 10-year-old Quadir Gray.

Gray has not only adopted healthier habits, he says, but also serves as a backup dancer in the video.

"It just became more than we ever envisioned," said Jennifer Kennedy, the Community Market's Manager.

Once the song was written, it made it even made it into some of the schools.

And Kennedy says it has caught on well.

"They know all the lyrics to the song so all of a sudden they know the vitamins in the food."

The video will help further promote the "We got the Beet" campaign, which offers cooking classes and other activities for children at the market during their summer break.

"And just around in this neighborhood, there's not really that many organic options, so yeah, it'll be good to teach the kids that," added Jiggy M.

The market's summer cooking classes will begin June 10th and take place every Wednesday and Saturday.

Children will also get to take home 'beet boxes' with recipes and the ingredients used in the cooking class that day.

Get more information on the "We got the Beet" campaign here.

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