'Waltons' reunion bringing cast members to Nelson County

(Walton's Mountain Museum)

SCHUYLER, Va. (WSET) - Cast members of "The Waltons" are coming to Nelson County to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the show.

The reunion will be at the Walton's Mountain Museum and starts Friday, March 24.

According to the event's website, the reunion will also celebrate the life of the show's creator, Earl Hamner Jr., who passed in March 2016.

Several cast members will join together in Schuyler next week for a reunion, celebrating the show's 45th Anniversary.

"It kind of went back to where I came from in my past," said Rich Wheeler, a tourist. "I'm from Jackson County, Tn, Gainsboro, and it had 1,800 people in the county when we left there."

People from around the world visit Walton's Mountain Museum where the reunion will be held.

Wheeler says the show's characters represent how life was for many people growing up.

"To have something like this to look back at that time kind of reinforced, you know, the kind of values I was raised with," Wheeler said.

Travelers and local residents will take a look back in time, on Walton's Mountain, inspired by writer Earl Hamner Jr.'s life in Nelson County, the real-life John-Boy who connected his family's local history with prime time television.

"I think it's wonderful," said the museum's director, Leona Roberts. "This is something for our little community, Schuyler. We used to have a lot here in our community at one time, and of course like other communities, it's getting smaller and smaller."

The crowd next week is expected to be huge, drawing hundreds of Walton's-loving fans from miles around, for autographs from some of their favorite stars.

"If you live in the community, you can kind of connect the characters with the people, so it brings back a lot of memories," Roberts said.

"The Walton's" won more than a dozen Emmy's and aired for nine seasons.

The weekend will include a meet and greet with cast members, photo and autograph opportunities, lectures, concerts, and vendors.

For more information or to buy tickets, click here.

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