VTC gets 100% success rate for Match Day

ROANOKE, Va. (WSET) -- 4 years and running, the success rate for Virginia Tech Carilion's Match Day is 100 percent.

Since it opened, every single Virginia Tech Carilion medical student has been accepted into a residency program. At Match Day 2017, they continued that tradition.

Beth and Matt Yanoff met at orientation for med school. Over their time at VTC School of Medicine, they fell in love and got married.

Love is in the air at Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine

At Match Day, they learned their hard work has paid off. In front of all their classmates and family, they announced they had matched with a residency program.

"You know, if you've seen us the past 4 years, we've kind of walked with a swagger," Matt Yanoff told his classmates. His wife Beth continued, saying "In Texas, that's called walking." Then, together, they told the room, ""We're going to Baylor College of Medicine in Houston Texas!"

The couple says Match Day is something they've been excited about since starting medical school. Matt said, "I think the only thing we've looked forward to more in the past three and a half years was our wedding in December."

Matt was born in San Antonio, but until his interview at Baylor, he had never been to Houston. For Beth, her interview was the first time she ever stepped foot in Texas. But both said, they minute they got to Houston, they fell in love with the city and the hospital.

Beth explained, "I loved it. It's a really diverse city. In the clinic where I'll be working, all the signs are in three languages, English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. So, I'm looking forward to working with such a diverse patient population in such an exciting place."

Match Day is celebrated at noon Eastern time from coast to coast. At that time, graduating medical school students nationwide open envelopes to learn where they will be doing their residency.

VTC Dean Cynda Johnson says there's a reason for the big occasion. "It is a big deal. It's really life defining. This day, at this time all over the country."

For the students, match day is always exciting. For the staff, that's true as well. However, this class is special since it's the first freshman class to graduate from VTC.

"This class. These students and our faculty and administrators are so close, it's like nothing that I've ever seen in the rest of my career," said Johnson.

As for the Yanoffs, they don't know when their program will start, but they plan to go to Houston in April to find a place to call home while they complete their residency program.