Virginia voter registration website crashes due to record volume

Vote sign (MGN).

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - The Virginia Department of Elections website crashed Monday evening in the hours leading up to the online voter registration deadline at 11:59pm.

ABC 13 reached out to numerous representatives with the department for additional information, and within minutes we got a call from Virginia Department of Elections Commissioner Edgardo Cortés.

"We have been overwhelmed, the level of interest has given us record-high levels of activity," Cortés says.

He adds that the department staff has been working around the clock for the last several weeks in anticipation of the online voter registration.

"Everyone is working at full capacity, we have folks in and out of Richmond trying to work on this" says Cortés. "We even brought an additional server online on Thursday. But this is unprecedented."

At the website's peak Sunday, Cortes says the website logged 350 visitors a second.

By Monday evening at 5pm, the department's website had already broken its record for most amount of online registrations in Virginia in one day.

Despite the technical difficulties, Cortés tells us that there is no legal authority in the code of Virginia to extend the online voter registration.

"The books close at midnight tonight," said Karen Patterson with Lynchburg General Registrar Elections in an earlier interview. "So if you didn't get to register today and you think you can register tomorrow, you can't do that."

We will continue to update this developing story with new information as we get it.

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