VDOT recommends closing part of Route 642, residents say slow down

PITTSYLVANIA, CO. (WSET) -- Controversy continues to build over closing a road in Pittsylvania County. The Virginia Department of Transportation recommends to the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors to close the west leg or route 642 at the Shula and 29 intersection.

Some business owners in the area are saying slow down.

One resident said she collected 415 signatures right now of people who want to keep the road.

Business owners said closing the road will negatively affect business since drivers will have to go out of their way. Curtis Arthur has owned a business by the intersection for 44 years.

"They put the road in in 1973, they must have seen a purpose to put it in then, and I don't understand why they're closing it now. I feel like we're wrapped up in something that people are getting emotional about," said Arthur.

VDOT says in the past 10 years there have been 21 accidents, 2 of them fatal.

The next board of supervisors meeting about this will be on June 20th.

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