VA Flaggers Raise Second, Prominent Confederate Flag in Danville

Danville, VA - Nearly two weeks after the Danville City Council banned the Confederate flag from city flagpoles, one group is working to keep it flying.

The "Virginia Flaggers" raised a second, highly-visible, Confederate flag there. Susan Hathaway of the Virginia Flaggers says these flags are pushback for council's decision to remove the flag at the Danville Museum.

The group raised a new flag August 7, the day after Council made it's decision, at the entrance to the River District on Main Street.

Now a second, 30-foot-tall flag has gone up. This time, at the corner of Piedmont and Westover Drive. In both cases, the land is leased by individuals to the Flaggers who use donations to construct the flags.

Kenny Stone owns the land where the latest flag flies.

"I've been [in Danville] for 48 years, and I ain't never seen that flag down there. So, I don't know why it was so bad," said Stone. "And it's nothing about racism or nothing. It's for southern heritage. And I just think it looks good and everybody will be able to see it over here."

Hathaway says the group already has four more sites selected and that the city should expect to see those in the next couple weeks.

She didn't give their location, but promises they will be in prominent areas of the city.