Two mailboxes explode from handmade explosive devices

What is left of a mailbox in Rockingham County. The Sheriff's office believes a handmade explosive device was placed inside the mailbox.

ROCKINGHAM, Co. (WSET) -- Residents in Rockingham County had an explosive end to their Easter.

The Rockinham Sheriff's Office continues to investigate who is responsible for blowing up two mailboxes with handmade explosive devices.

Just as the Easter Holiday wrapped up for the Wallace family, their mailbox exploded. "I was in here watching television, looked through the window, and saw some type of vehicle pull up, and then drive off, no lights on, and within a second or two, the explosion," explained Bryan Wallace.

The mailbox that blew up was at his mother-in-law's house, right across the street.

He said it was an explosion that echoed down this street. "It was that loud," said Wallace. "Everyone heard it, the whole neighborhood heard it."

Wallace says he ran over right away. He said the door of the mailbox blew off.

Wallace has already built his mother-in-law a new mailbox.

Sargent Suthard believes the devices were made from the same person or persons. "It was a homemade device," said Sargent Kevin Suthard with the Rockingham Sheriff's Office. "It was made from ingredients that you could buy at your local sporting goods store."

Even though this happened across the Virginia border, Suthard says it didn't happen too far away and everyone in the area should be on alert. "Not too far away from Rockingham County, they need to be on the alert too, if they see anything suspicious, make sure they call," said Suthard.

For now, people in the Rockingham County neighbors will continue to watch each other's back. "We always look after each other out here, we're out in the country," said Wallace.

If you have any information on these incidents, the Sheriff's office asks that you call Rockingham County Crime Stoppers at 336-349-9683.

There is up to a $1,000 reward for anyone who can help track down the makers of the devices.

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