Thomas Road's Charles Billingsley to leave at the end of June

FILE -- Worship leader, Charles Billingsley, at Thomas Road Baptist Church is leaving at the end of June (Photo: WSET)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- After 11 years and thousands of concerts, Thomas Road Baptist Church's Charles Billingsley will be leaving the congregation next month.

Senior Pastor Jonathan Falwell shared the message of his departure at the beginning of his sermon on April 30.

Billingsley will be leaving on June 30, according to Falwell.

"He's going to be moving on to a new plan and a new path and a new calling and a new purpose for God to take him, and God's put together an amazing team and I've been so blessed to serve alongside Charles over these last 10 years," Falwell said during his sermon. "Charles has been an incredible part of our team and there's no question, there's no doubt that he's blessed us over and over and over again."

Falwell said Billingsley wasn't able to make the announcement at church on Sunday, but due to a scheduling conflict he wasn't able to be there.

Instead, he will share his future plans at the service on May 14.

The reason Falwell and Billingsley decided to share the announcement on Sunday instead of waiting is because of "the rumor mill."

"Word started spreading and getting out and we started hearing things that we were not comfortable with and so I wanted to make sure and Charles wanted to make sure you heard this news from us and not when you were driving through the drive-thru to pick up a burger or walking into the grocery store and checking out or hearing it from work," Falwell said. "We wanted to make sure you heard it here in our family room."

Falwell has been the senior pastor at Thomas Road for 10 years come June.

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