The sky is the limit for students participating in book challenge

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) - For kids at Schoolfield Elementary in Danville, no goal is out of their reach.

The students challenged their principal to a reading challenge.

"We challenged our principal that we could read 25 books each in our class," third grade student Cariyah Wimbush explains.

All 100 third grade students at the school read their 25 books before Christmas.

However, some were nervous about getting it done.

"I know I was," Lillian Potter says.

The kids were up for the challenge though. Chebria Crowder read 69 books and Tyra Dickerson read 107 books before Christmas.

"Reading is so essential to students to these days. So we feel it's so important that every child read and they did a great job with that," school principal Everette Johnson says.

"We mostly did this because we really really love reading," Potter says.

However, there was a reward.

"If we read 25 books by Christmas, he'll go on the roof and read us a story," Crowder explains.

Johnson got on the school's roof Wednesday afternoon. Most students were hesitant at first about the book's message.

"It was about a principal of a school, he didn't feel like they were getting enough learning so he wanted to extend their days to Christmas, holidays, and weekends," says Johnson.

In the end, they learned a valuable lesson though, that hard work pays off.

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