Stranger helps teenager's dying wish come true

Cassandra Barbour in the dress that was created for her. (Courtesy the Barbour family)

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) - A Virginia teenager lost her battle with bone cancer Friday morning, but she had one last wish - to be buried in her favorite dress.

Cassandra Barbour's family said she didn't buy the dress when she first tried it on this summer, but thanks to the help of a stranger, Cassandra got her dying wish.

Cassandra was a bubbly 14-year-old girl, remembered best for her big hugs.

"She would extend her arms, and give you the best darn hug you'd ever had," said her grandmother, Lisa Eskew.

Bravely battling bone cancer for months, she took a trip to Goodwill this past summer.

That's where she came across the dress.

"She tried it on and it was just stunning on her," said Eskew.

But they hung it back up and walked away.

Then, as Cassandra's prognosis worsened, her desire for the dress grew stronger; her dying wish soon became to be buried in her new favorite coral gown.

"We would find our eyes searching everywhere for the dress. Myself, I went into probably 20 Goodwills, thinking maybe I would find that dress," said Eskew.

With no avail, the teen's family took to social media.

Seamstress Karen Despot just happened to see the post.

"She wanted to be buried in this dress. How can you not respond when you're a seamstress and you have the God-given talent to do this?" she said.

Despot worked on it for two days straight, then delivered it in person to Cassandra's family.

"She was a princess, and she deserves a princess dress," Eskew said.

Cassandra's funeral will be on Tuesday at Norris Funeral Home.

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