State Police warn of phone scam with caller claiming to be from their headquarters

(MGN Online)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Virginia State Police have issued a warning of a phone scam making its way across the state.

Police said someone is calling from a number that appears to come from the Division VII Headquarters in Fairfax.

In the scam, the caller says they are from Virginia State Police and has threatened to arrest the person unless they pay a certain amount of money, usually around $5,000.

The calls are usually from (708) 803-2660, with "Commonwealth of Virginia" appearing as the Caller ID, according to police.

If you get these phone calls, hang up. Police said it's gotten reports that the callers are especially aggressive, making repeated calls in a short period of time.

Virginia State Police will never attempt to collect fines via phone.

Police also issued tips from the Federal Communications Commission when dealing with phone scammers:

  • Never give out personal information such as account numbers, Social Security numbers, mother's maiden names, passwords or other identifying information in response to unexpected calls or if you are at all suspicious.
  • If you get an inquiry from someone who says they represent a company or a government agency seeking personal information, hang up and call the phone number on your account statement, in the phone book or on the company's or government agency's website to verify the authenticity of the request.
  • Use caution if you are being pressured for information immediately.
  • If you have a voice mail account with your phone service, be sure to set a password for it. Some voicemail services are preset to allow access if you call in from your own phone number. A hacker could spoof your home phone number and gain access to your voice mail if you do not set a password.

You can also file a complaint with the FCC, here.

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