South Boston businesses spared from another flood

Ragan's business was flooded in April (WSET)

SOUTH BOSTON, Va. (WSET) - South Boston businesses are still recovering from late April flooding, and they faced the same threat over the weekend.

Less than two weeks ago, flood waters from the Dan River rushed inside businesses along Huell Matthews Highway and Bill Tuck Highway in South Boston.

The Dan River crested at 21 feet Sunday morning, according to pubic safety officials, and that left business owners on edge.

"Neighbors would tell us there was a flood back then and it was very bad, and we didn't know how bad until two weeks ago," Crystal Resendiz of La Guadalupana Mexican Store said.

Resendiz says April was the first time flood waters had entered her family's store since they moved to their current location 10 years ago.

Resendiz says her family was able to reopen the store within one day.

This time, their store was spared from flooding.

"I'm glad that we didn't get flooding anymore, because it was pretty bad. It was pretty bad to take out all the mud and clean out everything," she said.

Mac Ragan, owner of Mac Ragan's Auto, opened his business 53 years ago on Huell Matthews Highway.

Ragan says he lost some vehicles in the April flood, and he is still working to repair the damage.

He says he's grateful that his business wasn't flooded a second time in such a short period of time, "Thank the good Lord we did, and hey, It's all in His hands."

Ragan says he just goes with the flow and is focusing on the community and his customers.

Public Safety officials say the Dan River dropped to 14 feet Sunday afternoon

They say 12 feet is normal for the area.

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