Sheriff: Amherst Co. facing big drug problem amid 'trap house' meth bust

Building where several people were arrested on meth charges (WSET)

AMHERST Co., Va. (WSET) -- The Amherst County Sheriff says the county is facing a big drug problem after deputies made several arrests within a 24-hour period.

Donald Bray Jr. is one of the five charged in connection to a meth bust this week

He lives in what the Sheriff calls a "trap house" - a home where meth is consumed, produced, stored, and distributed.

But, Bray Jr. says he did nothing wrong.

He says investigators knocked down his door and startled him and his girlfriend. And now, they're both charged with possession of a controlled substance. "They busted through the door with the battering ram... but, those are other details that we don't really need to get into right now," said Bray Jr.

Although Bray Jr. says there wasn't meth in his house, he did admit that there was a glass pipe used to smoke it in the basement. "If it was a lab, look they didn't rope it off... they didn't do anything to the house," said Bray Jr. "I'm here, I was out the next morning at 4 o'clock."

Bray Jr. is now out on bond.

But Amherst County Sheriff EW Viar says there were residuals of the drug. He also says some items used to make and smoke methamphetamine were found in the house.

He says they get reports about drug activity all the time. "These guys, they don't care if they give it to your children or whatever," said Sheriff Viar. "It ends up in the schools, it ends up everywhere. Stealing... half of the stealing we get is from these drug users going after drugs to supply their habit."

And Sheriff Viar says if you don't think this is your problem, you're wrong. He says the drug crimes are a domino effect for almost every other crime they battle in the county; and the sheriff's office is doing what they can to get a handle on it.

"It's just killing us," said Sheriff Viar. "We have to aggressively go after them, and we are, we are aggressively going after them."

Four others were arrested in connection to this house, but, they are still in jail at this time.

Bray Jr. says he is getting a lawyer and wants to share more details after that.

The Sheriff's Department says at least an ounce of meth was sold from this home in the past week, they say they'll have more details soon.

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