Running for a reason: Lynchburg man runs Boston Marathon in honor of daughter

Kevin Shroyer of Lynchburg running in Boston Marathon (Photo: Kevin Shroyer).

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Tens of thousands of runners took part in the Boston Marathon on Monday -- including some from our area.

Kevin Shroyer of Lynchburg was one of the runners; and it was his second time participating in the Boston Marathon.

Shroyer says the atmosphere is like a 26.2-mile party -- which he uses to spread a message close to his heart. After his daughter died, she donated organs to people in need.

Shroyer wears clothing that has organ donation information and his daughter's picture on it. "What's really neat is when I’m running, and this happened yesterday. I'll have any number of people come up to me and as they're running along, they'll tap me on the back, offer some words of encouragement or give me the thumbs up or give me a smile," said Shroyer.

Shroyer is qualified for next year's marathon and plans to run it again.

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