Old Lynchburg power plant to become operational, add new jobs

Reusens (Appalachian Power)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - Several new jobs are coming to a Lynchburg power plant that has sat dormant for five years, according to Eagle Creek Renewable energy.

Appalachian Power transferred the Reusens hydroelectric plant, which closed in 2011, to Eagle Creek on Wednesday, April 12.

“Appalachian Power is focused on investments in our system that best serve our customers. The sale of Reusens to Eagle Creek allows the dam to remain part of powering the central Virginia community, while enhancing our ability to focus on our core operations in Virginia,” said Chris Beam, Appalachian’s President and Chief Operating Officer.

Officials with Eagle Creek say several new jobs will be created as the plant is returned to operational status. They say the plant will provide approximately 40,000 MWH of clean, renewable hydroelectric generation.

“Eagle Creek is pleased to enter the Lynchburg area and is committed to returning the Reusens Hydro to service with the same level of professional safe operation practices as demonstrated by Appalachian Power for many years. We recently purchased another hydro in the area called Schoolfield Hydro in Danville, Va. and look to grow further in this area of the country,” said Bud Cherry, Eagle Creek’s Chief Executive Officer.

The plant started back in the mid-1830's, and the dam has been generating electricity since 1903, according to Appalachian Power.

American Gas & Electric Co.—predecessor to American Electric Power— rebuilt the plant in the 1920's and it now includes five units that have a "total rated capacity of 12.5 megawatts."

AEP did not disclose how much the plant was sold for, and Eagle Creek has not released plans for when the facility is set to open.

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