Doctor: Operator of backhoe 'lucky to be alive' after being hit by train

(Photo: Bedford County Fire & Rescue Special Operations Command)

UPDATE: 4: 15 p.m.

A doctor who was one of the first on the scene said the man was conscious after falling off the bridge, but couldn't remember what happened.

The doctor said when he got to the scene he didn't expect the man to be alive, but that he's really luck to have survived.

State Police said the operator was coming down Bellevue Rd. when he lost control and went over the bridge.

The backhoe landed on the side of the tracks and the Amtrak train was too close to call and stop it.

The doctor said EMS crews loaded the operator up and took him down the tracks to a spot where the road is closer.

At this time, officials are not releasing the identity of the operator.

State Police said the bridge will be closed through at least MOnday.

VDOT will be out on the bridge this weekend to inspect the integrity of it.


UPDATE: 3 p.m.

Officials said the operator has been removed from the backhoe and is safe.

The Special Operations Command said the train did not have anyone on board as it was doing test runs.

Crews hauled the operator of the backhoe up the hill to be taken by EMS to the hospital.


FOREST, Va. (WSET) -- A man driving a backhoe near Bellview Rd. at Old Station Farm Rd. in Goode has been hit by a train.

This happened after they said he fell off a bridge.

The Forest Volunteer Fire Dept. says the driver is trapped inside the backhoe.

According to reports, the driver is still alive, but the Bedford County Special Operations Command confirmed the operator of the backhoe is stuck inside the machine.

This is a breaking news story, check back for updates.

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