‘No Roof Left Behind’: Voting starts for free roof replacement

Lynchburg Roofing contest banner (Lynchburg Roofing)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Four finalists have been selected in Lynchburg Roofing’s 4th annual ‘No Roof Left Behind’ Program.

It is now up to you to vote now through March 31st online. Read the stories of the four finalists below and click the link at the bottom to vote!

The Four Finalists in Random Order:

Peace of Mind, Roanoke:

“My disabled elderly mother, Bonnie Underwood, is in desperate need of a new roof. It is rotting and when it rains water pours in the from bathroom ceiling. She has applied through many organizations to get help with a new roof and was approved but then told they ran out of funds. Because of the bad roof one of the columns on her front porch is shifting and could collapse at any time! Please consider my mother for a free roof so she can have peace of mind and feel safe in her home.”

A Desperate Need, Lynchburg:

“I would like to nominate my sister, Corrianne Litchford, and her family. When their son Logan was four, they found out he had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This has been a challenge they have faced together as a family and it has strengthened their faith and love. Their home isn't in the best condition and it is in desperate need of a new roof. My sister works harder than anyone I know to make sure her family is taken care of and she has enough to worry about right now without having to spend the time and money replacing the roof of their home.”

A Miracle for Hunter’s House, Lynchburg:

“The Jarman family has faced numerous challenging medical conditions over the years. Thier son, Hunter, has faced 20+ back surgeries due to severe scoliosis and has multiple other medical problems. They have been travelling back and forth to Shriners Children's Hospital for years and are there now awaiting yet another surgery for Hunter. Hunter is a miracle child. With all this family has been through they still find time to help with toy drives, lemonade stands and fundraising events. This family gives back despite the adversities they face. Let's give back to them!”

Desert Storm Vet that Needs Help, Lynchburg:

“I served honorably in the US Army during Desert Storm. My home was built in 1946 and I have spent of lot of the years since I got out of the military in 1991 living in it and remodeling the main floor. I am disabled due to several medical problems. With the deteriorating condition of the roof, it must be replaced, but with my low income, it is not an option right now. This will cause additional damage to my home. That is why I am requesting to be chosen to replace my roof that is already 24 years old and in desperate need of replacing.”

Lynchburg Roofing says one of these finalists will receive a free roof from them and GAF.

To vote, click here.

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