Neighbors: Pigs belonging to two residents recently arrested are destroying property

Neighbors claim pigs on the loose in Gretna are destroying their property (Photo: Caren Pinto)

GRETNA, Va. (WSET) -- Two Gretna residents recently arrested for allegedly operating an alcohol still in their basement are waiting to hear if they can keep some of their potbelly pigs.

Neighbors said the pigs have been squealing while walking in the street and are causing a disturbance and damage.

Nicole Hedrick, 29, and Jackie Woods, 50, are charged with illegally manufacturing alcohol using a homemade still in their basement, possession of distillery equipment without a permit, and two counts of possession of alcohol acquired illegally

They are currently out on bond.

Neighbors say pigs aren't the only animals that belong to the two running wild.

They said cats are roaming freely and one dog has been intimidating neighbors and family pets, but it's the potbelly pigs that are causing the real problems.

A 91-year-old resident, who didn't want to provide her name, has lived on Hollyberry Drive for 40 years and said she's never had a problem that has prevented her from stepping foot in her own backyard.

"See that's pretty deep, you could turn your ankle or whatever you know," she said.

She says her neighbor's pigs have been on her property having a field day.

"There were three of them and they were really making a mess," she said. "It's my yard, I should be able to walk in my own yard."

Across the street, one of the pigs had just given birth.

Animal control said the piglet was born Sunday night, but the only problem is he wasn't born on the animal owner's property.

Neither Woods nor Hedrick answered the door to give a comment.

But, Animal Control responded to the scene.

"We've been working with owner of livestock, and been working on the fence and making corrections to it, but seems like it doesn't work," said Chief of Pittsylvania County Animal Control, Pete Boswell.

Boswell says potbelly pigs are considered livestock, so they have to be contained to the owner's property.

Boswell said the department has responded to complaints before, but the pigs were on the right property when they visited.

"Supposed to stay with in the boundaries of their own property, up to them to keep them in the fence," Boswell added.

Animal Control took the newborn piglet and her mom into custody since the piglet was found on neighboring property.

A judge will decide if the piglet will go back to the owners or be adopted by the Pittsylvania County Animal Shelter.

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