Lexington man issued federal violation of "intimidating an officer"

Brian Rowsey has been charged with intimidating an officer after he admitting on Facebook Live that he asked the officer if a knife could break through his bulletproof vest (Photo: Brian Rowsey)

ROCKBRIDGE Co., Va. (WSET) -- A Facebook Live is making its way around Rockbridge County and Lexington of a man being charged with federal 'intimidating an officer.'

In the video, you see Brian Rowsey and a Forestry Dept. officer talking about the interaction.

You hear Rowsey admit that he went up to the officer and asked him if a knife could pierce his bulletproof vest after touching him.

He was then issued a federal violation of intimidating an officer.

Rowsey and one of his friends holding the phone, recording the Facebook Live, claim that the officer was being racist because another man also came over to the officer and 'touched him,' but didn't get charged.

Rowsey claims he tried to get the officer's attention by touching him with one finger and didn't mean any harm.

That's what led to the charge, he said.

Rowsey previously owned 60 West pawn shop in Lexington, which has been in a recent dispute with the Rockbridge County Board of Supervisors over a flagpole.

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