Lynchburg mother warns of break in at Blackwater Creek Trail

Courtesy Sherri Sackett.JPG

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET)-- A personal warning from an unsuspecting crime victim.

A mother in Lynchburg is sharing what happened to her recently at the Blackwater Creek Trail's Ed Page entrance, to keep it from happening to you.

Sherri Sackett was out with her children Saturday afternoon and came back to see a rock smashed through her window.

She says it was a scary situation for her children to see.

"This window, it was just a scary mess. Glass all inside the interior of my vehicle," Sackett said as she showed ABC 13 what happened to her car.

It was supposed to be an afternoon out on the Blackwater Creek Trail in Lynchburg, Sherri Sackett never imagined she would be calling police.

"We come down here often, to run, bike ride, and we have a lot of friends that come down here often," she said.

A rock was used to smash in her front-side passenger window.

The people who did this took her bank and credit cards, as well as, her ID.

Luckily she has already canceled all those to protect herself from identity theft.

For people who use the trail often, this comes as a shock.

"Usually when I come here, there's never been any issues. Usually a very quiet place to come," Tyler Dolsey said, who uses the trail a couple times a week. "Probably won't be bringing anything that's valuable. Just keep that at home."

Sackett is now telling her friends to not bring any valuables with them to the parking lots in that area. She hasn't found her personal belongings yet.

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