Lynchburg College Puts New "No Smoking" Policy In Place

A sign at Lynchburg College designating one of the few smoking areas on campus.

Fall on the Dell at Lynchburg College brings a lot of changes to the campus.

The ground is covered with leaves, but Hornet senior is noticing what is missing, saying "..the cigarette butts on the sidewalk, I can tell you that! The streets are a whole lot cleaner!"

That's because Lynchburg College has enacted a tough, new smoking policy for students and faculty. The school's new policy went into effect this week, restricting smoking to designated areas on campus, and to the yards of off-campus and college owned housing. The policy even extends to cars on campus, where smokers are required to roll their windows up before lighting up.

Dean John Eccles says the work on the new policy started 18 months ago. Over that period, Eccles says the school surveyed students and staff to make sure their new policy reflected their student body. Eccles notes "In our studies, what we found out is we that we have about 2 in 10 students that smoke. The entire community was ready for a more unifying policy that mirrors what a lot of work places and public areas are already doing."

It's a policy LC Senior Marie Lederer likes, saying "I think it's a good idea, it kind of encourages kids not to smoke, and that's a good thing, because it's only hurting themselves."

Eccles pointed out this policy is for students and faculty, and those caught violating it could face disciplinary action. However, he points out the first few weeks are more of an educational period, to make sure everyone can breathe a little easier.

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