Danville man working to make a positive change in the community

25-year-old Ralph Jackson, pictured with his Bishop, is hoping to curb crime in the city by encouraging entrepreneurs to see their potential (Photo: Caren Pinto)

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- He's a millennial making a difference.

25-year-old Ralph Jackson started a group that he hopes transfers into a movement.

It's called Danville Matters.

Jackson hopes to curb crime in the city by encouraging entrepreneurs to see their potential and one of the ways he focuses on millennial outreach is through social media.

On YouTube he features prominent figures in the community and even local entrepreneurs.

He also has a Facebook and Twitter account.

On Friday, he spoke at his church, offering encouraging words to other entrepreneurs in the area.

Some of the people he mentors say it's refreshing to see other young people in the area working to bring positive change.

"Nothing is going to happen overnight, but it's going to take time, I just have to do my job, cause I have people who watch me, and they see what I'm doing, and you know I'm not perfect, but if i can help out this person by giving them words of encouragement," Jackson said.

"[He's] being an inspiration to people that may not feel like Danville has any opportunities," said Lacoya Farmer, a local entrepreneur. "We are young people creating our own opportunities and working hard to make that happen."

Jackson says people are quick to talk about solutions to the city's crime, but don't take any action.

He says he wants to be a part of the solution.

Jackson started Danville Matters in November and he says this is just the beginning.

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