"It's just been really hard on my heart;" Woman talks about trying to save three-year-old

Noah, 3, was killed in a tragic car accident this weekend (Photo: Christy Johnson Compton)

CAMPBELL Co., Va. (WSET) -- State Police are investigating a fatal crash that killed a three-year-old boy.

According to Police, Timothy J. Fuller, 24, of Abingdon was driving a pickup truck south on Leesville Road when he ran off the side of the road and hit a tree Sunday just after 2:30 p.m.

Police say three-year-old Noah was in a child safety seat, but the truck hit the tree on the passenger's side, where he was.

Many people who heard the crash ran to the scene to try and save Noah's life.

Mary Bare was with her family, having Easter, when the accident happened.

She said she heard what sounded like a building collapse, but it wasn't until her son-in-law went to investigate that she realized it was something far worse.

"He was crying, he says 'Mary, Mary I need you, it was a bad wreck, it's a baby,' Bare said.

She ran across Leesville Road and found a man beside a wrecked truck, kneeling by his little boy.

"I said, I'm an EMT and I'm also a nurse," Bare said. "I started doing CPR, he was breathing."

She says everything after that was a blur.

"The father asked me what could we do, and I said at this time we need to pray," Bare said.

That's when little Noah was taken to the hospital.

"My son called me, and he said that he had died, and I cried," Bare said. "We found his little toys, his little Easter basket was all torn up on the tree, and we have his little cars, so we do want to give those back."

Bare said she's seen a lot of accident victims as a nurse, but this was different.

"It's just been really hard on my heart. I've thought about it. Thought about seeing him when I got there, how he looked, and the dad sitting there beside him, helpless," Bare said.

In such a dark moment, Bare said she clings to faith.

"He's running and playing there, and he's not hurting," Bare said. "I truly believe the Lord does what he does for reason."

State Police say anyone with information about this crash should call the Area 20 Office for Trooper Staton at 434-946-7101 or by email at

Officials say alcohol was not a factor in the accident.

There are two separate GoFundMe pages set up for the family to help with funeral expenses, you can go here or here to help out.

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