Heavy rain this weekend across Lynchburg, Danville, Roanoke, Blacksburg area

Heavy rain this weekend across Lynchburg, Danville, Roanoke, Blacksburg area (WSET).

Rain, rain and possibly, more rain. Bottom line: Be ready for the rain!

Heavy rain is heading into the Heart of Virginia this weekend creating messy weather for outdoor events.

The heaviest rain will fall Saturday night and Sunday though showers are possible during other parts of your weekend.

The first half (Saturday) of your weekend is the best time for outdoor activities, though you will still have to dodge the rain drops.

Scattered showers will develop Saturday morning. “Hit and miss” type showers are possible in the afternoon.

The exact timing of this rain isn’t possible to predict in advance as it will be random and sporadic as weather conditions are favorable for rain to form anywhere in and near Virginia. You can track the individual rain showers on the free ABC13 Weather app.

The rain will increase in intensity and coverage Saturday night and Sunday. A large swath of rain will approach from the west. The heaviest amounts of rain should fall between Sunday 1am and Sunday 8pm.

Local rainfall amounts in the 1" to 2” range will be common. A few totals over 2” are also possible. The most likely locations for heaviest rain are across the mountains and Southside Virginia.

You can expect lightning/thunder. Tornadoes and large hail are NOT anticipated.

Main weekend weather threat will be "Flash Flood Warnings."

Showers should taper off but remain possible Sunday night.

Monday is likely completely dry.

Suggestion: Try to get your yard mowed on Friday… or just wait and mow much taller grass next week!


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