Haitian man who came to U.S. for cancer treatment graduating from LC

Ancito Etienne was diagnosed with cancer at 12, and Saturday he graduates from LC (Photo: Chris Hoffman)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Lynchburg College graduation is Saturday and for one student it's a day he never thought would come.

Ancito Etienne was diagnosed with cancer at 12-years-old while he still lived in Haiti.

He was preparing to die before coming to the United States for treatment.

While here, he learned how education was a human right and about Lynchburg College so he pursued it.

Etienne is now cancer free and runs a program to help children start an education in Haiti.

"If we are trying to switch from a traditional economy to a modern economy, we have to make sure the youth is well educated in the expertise we need for a modern economy. we have to create this future now," he said.

Etienne plans on going to graduate school and eventually get a doctoral degree.

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