Goodwill hosts prom for individuals with disabilities

Goodwill crowned an ecstatic queen and king. (Photo: Annie Andersen)

ROCKY MOUNT, Va. (WSET) -- Starting with a glam team doing hair and makeup, prom is a day long affair for the Goodwill in Rocky Mount.

Many of the individuals with disabilities who work at Goodwill weren't able to go to their prom in high school, so this is a chance for them to experience prom magic.

Goodwill started their prom event in 2016, and the attendees talked about it all year long, so they knew they needed to do it again this year.

Despite knowing what was coming, event organizer and Goodwill Medicaid Case Worker Christina Hubbard says they were just as excited. "They've loved it. They can't stay in the classrooms, they want to be out there looking at everything, when are we going to start the limos, when are we going to eat, so their super excited," said Hubbard.

Amber Bowers is one of about 3 dozen people invited to prom. She knew exactly what she was most excited for, "Dancing and being with friends."

Bowers' smile, along with all the others, is why organizers say, despite the hard work, they love planning the prom.

Fighting tears, Hubbard said it "Brightens my heart to see them like they are."

Her colleague Billie Jean Robertson said she's loved seeing the invitees get more and more excited as prom came closer. "They've made plans. Can we practice dancing? That's been their biggest thing, they want to practice dances," recalled Robertson.

That's true for Bowers who said she doesn't care if it's fast or slow, she just wants to dance, adding "I don't really like dancing, but I danced last year at the prom and it was fun."

After a limo ride, lunch and crowning the queen and king, the music started and everybody got on the dance floor and had a great time.

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