Firefighters get custom orthotics from Foot Leveler

About 165 Roanoke Fire-EMS members were scanned for custom orthotics. (Photo: Annie Andersen)

ROANOKE, Va. (WSET) -- With oxygen tanks, turnout gear, tools and helmets, firefighters carry about 75 pounds of gear.

That means wear and tear on their feet and backs.

That's why Foot Levelers decided to partner with Roanoke Fire EMS to test out their new orthotics.

About 165 firefighters had their feet scanned for custom made orthotics.

Many of these men and women say they're willing to try anything that will help ease the pain. Lt. Michael Peay said, "I'm wearing safety boots all the time. And if I'm on my feet all day long, my back hurts. My feet hurt. It's very tiresome having heavy shoes on all day."

Along with full shoe orthotics, Foot Levelers also makes custom flip flops and at least one firefighter says she's excited to get some of those as well.

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