Firefighter charged with DUI while driving emergency vehicle placed on leave

Josh Mata (Blue Ridge Regional Jail)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- A member of the Brookville Timberlake Volunteer Fire Department has been placed on leave following a DUI arrest.

The fire department said Josh Mata was arrested on October 30 while driving an emergency vehicle to a call on Route 460 and Turkey Foot Road.

The president of the fire department wrote that Mata is on leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation as well as the outcome of court proceedings.

He goes on to say the Brookville Timberlake Volunteer Fire Department is comprised of very dedicated group of men and women who value professionalism and safety and "this isolated incident is no way reflects the high standards of character, integrity, training, and committment we hold and expect from our members. Our volunteers will continue to honorable serve by contributing their time and skills, with the utmost professionalism toward aiding our community and keeping residents safe."

State Police said that Mata was responding to the scene of an accident involving a police chase that night.

Mata is also a paid employee with the Lynchburg Fire Department.

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