Federal money helping to rebuild Lynchburg

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET)-- Some developers are giving new life to buildings around Lynchburg.

Many see the buildings near 12th and Church Streets in Lynchburg as an eyesore, that is unless you're Dan Hague.

"For me it's very satisfying to take a building that is unused, unproductive, ugly, and turn it into something that's very nice."

Hague is working to redevelop a former commercial site into new lofts and commercial space.

"I'm a resident of downtown Lynchburg and want to see downtown Lynchburg rehabilitated." Hague is aided by federal dollars to get the rehabilitation started.

Brownfield grants help to pay for the building to be accessed for any environmental concerns and to clean the problems, so Hague doesn't have to pay a dime.

"I think we'd be looking at tens of thousands of dollars to do these studies and remediation," Hague said.

"It's great to work with property owners that have a vision and are ready to take on some of these more challenging projects and bring them back to life," Anna Bentson, the assistant director of the Lynchburg Economic Development Authority said.

Bentson told us the city's grant is for $400,000 and they are in year two of a three year cycle of helping developers.

"We really consider this a tool in the toolbox for economic development to clear away those barriers for folks."

Bentson said this is the first time the city received a federal Brownfield grant and hopes it continues

Hague does as well, "Every dollar counts. I'm just a small guy, small developer."

Right now there are six properties around the city that are using Brownfield grants.

The economic development authority says they want to apply for more of these grants to help businesses.

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