Family: Man had heart attack prior to crashing on Route 122

The Roanoke Medical examiner's office confirms Paul Amos died of a quote "cardiac event" as the crash was happening (Photo: Amos' family)

BEDFORD Co., Va. (WSET) -- Family members of the man killed on Wednesday involved in a crash at the intersection of Route 122 and Centerville Road said the accident isn't what caused his death.

The Roanoke Medical examiner's office confirms Paul Amos died of a "cardiac event" as the crash was happening.

Amos's granddaughter, Jessica Behrens, said their family is at peace in knowing exactly how he died.

Behrens said her grandfather was on his way back home from a visit with his brother at a nursing home when the crash happened.

Though police say Amos wasn't wearing his seatbelt, Behrens said he was always a very cautious driver and believes he probably took his seatbelt off because of his heart trouble.

"But we do know that it has been verified that he was having a heart attack and some people that were there on the site immediately and kinda saw it happen say they kinda saw him kinda slump prior to any impact or anything like that happening," said Behrens. "So it was just his day."

Amos was happily retired.

His family says he worked for the City of Bedford for 37 years and six months.

His viewing is at the Burch Messier Funeral Home in Bedford from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday night.

The funeral will be Sunday.

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