ChathaMooCa closing up shop in Chatham as owners plan to retire

CHATHAM, Va. (WSET) -- Tuesday was the last day to get your coffee and a meal at ChathaMooCa in Chatham.

The community staple had a nine year run on Main Street.

Husband and wife owner, Ronald and Suzanne Brown, said they opened the business to provide opportunities to residents for work.

They employed around 40 to 50 people who may not have otherwise had jobs.

"Bottom line is we wanted to do something good for the community, hire people that couldn't be hired before, or had difficulty getting jobs and that's what we did and I think that was our mission and I think we accomplished that," Ronald said.

That includes ex-felons, a man who is legally blind, and recent college graduates.

The Browns plan to move to New England to be closer to their 12 grandchildren.

They say it is bittersweet to leave, but they are excited for the next chapter.

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