Caught on camera: Police investigating school bus fight

Police say they are working with the school to find out what happened.

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) - Danville Police confirmed that they are investigating a bus fight.

Danville Public School's superintendent told ABC 13 that it happened on their bus for their alternative school.

In the intense video, you can see the girl trying to escape from the boy. She hits him and then he pushes her down on her bus seat and pulls her by her hair. The boy is then seen punching the girl before another student tells him to stop.

The superintendent informed us that their buses are equipped with cameras and that the video ABC 13 obtained was only a segment of the incident.

School officials could not release the full video because it would identify students who are not part of the video.

The superintendent said, "This incident was dealt with by school staff immediately in accordance with Danville Public School policies and procedures governing student conduct and student safety. "

Danville police said they are working with the school on this incident and it is all about open communication.

"If something happened on school property or something we think the school should know about of course we would contact the school and then also with them if an incident took place on a bus and was brought to the attention of the school then they would contact us and let us know that it took place," Lieutenant Michael Wallace explained.

Police said that there is a petition filed against a minor in this incident.

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