Breast milk for sale on Facebook raises eyebrows

(Photo: WSET)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- A post on several Facebook online yard sale pages is raising eyebrows after a local mom offered up her breast milk with a disclaimer that some powerful medications she takes, like Zoloft and Buspar, could be in it.

According to a lactation consultant at Centra Health's Childbirth Education Center, a baby is used to the medicines its mother takes while in the womb and that transfers into its mother's milk and doesn't cause a problem.

However, you have to be careful giving your baby someone elses's milk without consulting a doctor first.

Lactation Consultant Rebecca Rose said if you need to buy breast milk for you baby, you may have a problem they can easily correct.

Being seen by a lactation consultant might help get your milk supply on track so you don't need to buy it.

And if you need to purchase milk, there are milk banks they work with that are regulated and safe to buy from.

"Milk banks take the milk and they take it all to one center, they do test it and test the mothers and test the milk, they also take the milk and they pasteurize it, and mix it together and that milk does say a calorie content and fat content," said Rose.

If you are thinking about buying breast milk, or need help breast-feeding, Rose said you need to be referred to them by your primary doctor.

The woman who made the Facebook post said her son is allergic to the milk, so she decided to sell it online in hopes of helping others.

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