Boones Mill welcomes new business complex

Local and state officials welcome Village Park of Boones Mill. (Photo: Annie Andersen)

BOONES MILL, Va. (WSET) -- Franklin County now has a new place for businesses.

Tuesday, local and state representatives cut the ribbon on the new Village Park at Boones Mill complex.

Two businesses, Titan Trains and Liquid Performance, have already leased space. The town is hoping more follow.

The complex will also be a community center, housing the town offices, a seasonal farmers market and community events.

Mayor Ben Flora said he's excited about the prospects for the space. "We get to kind of play in the way that we develop the site and hopefully make it outdoor friendly, business friendly. Friendly for people to come and enjoy themselves. So it's a tremendous opportunity to add to the vibrancy of the town."

The building was already in place, but it was falling down.

The town renovated the property using money from grants and loans - without having to raise taxes.

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