Board votes to raise tuition for Virginia's community colleges

Students will see an increase in their tuition and mandatory fees (WSET)

RICHMOND, Va. (WSET) - Tuition rates for Virginia's Community Colleges are going up.

The State Board unanimously voted Friday to increase in-state tuition and mandatory fees rate at $150.25 per credit hour.

According to the fall, in-state students will pay an additional $4 per credit hour, which is a 2.7 percent increase.

The board says a typical three credit hour class will increase by $12 and a full-time load of classes will increase by $120.

According to the board, the community college is still about one-third of the comparable costs at public four-year universities in Virginia.

“Our State Board remains sensitive to the need to ensure higher education is affordable for Virginia families,” said James Cuthbertson, chair of the Virginia State Board for Community Colleges. “Accordingly, today’s tuition decision strikes a careful balance between that need and our commitment to provide an outstanding and worthy educational experience.”

The community colleges will use the tuition increase to pay a share of the General Assembly-approved employee pay raise, rising fringe benefit costs, and costs associated with using various administrative systems.

Officials say the money will also pay for operating costs for new building.

For out-of-state students, the board voted to raise tuition by $4 per credit hour to a total of $346.85 per credit hour.

The board says out-of-state students make up about 5 percent of the community college student body in Virginia.

Active duty service members will see a reduce in tuition, as the board elected to reduce tuition and mandatory fees for those stationed outside Virginia and are enrolled in programs associated with their Military Occupational Specialty.

The State Board also agreed to approve select increases in the tuition differential rates that are in addition to the base tuition.

The board approved increasing the differential for Northern Virginia Community College by $1.00 per credit hour. Even with the differential, NVCC’s tuition remains the lowest among comparable colleges in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

The board approved an increase of 50 cents per credit hour to the tuition differential rate for John Tyler Community College in Chesterfield and the tri-city area.

The tuition differential rates remain unchanged from last year for the following community colleges: Germanna in Fredericksburg; Piedmont Virginia, in Charlottesville; Reynolds in Richmond; Tidewater in Hampton Roads; Thomas Nelson on the Virginia Peninsula; and Virginia Western in Roanoke.

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