Bike sharing program headed to Danville

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) - Danville is hoping to get you out on two wheels this spring.

A new bike sharing program will be primarily in the city's River District.

The program will cost $45,000 per year to run, but city officials say little to no money will be coming out of your tax dollars.

"I think it's a great idea. It would get people out on the trail and get more people riding bikes," Chuck Clay, who rides his bike along the Riverwalk Trail, says.

Clay is looking forward to sharing the Danville Riverwalk Trail with more bikers, "I usually go out at least two or three times a week. Depending on where we go mileage is usually between 50 and 100 miles per week."

This spring the Riverwalk will be the hub of the program. Danville officials tried to get the program running a few years ago, but didn't have the funds. Now they're looking towards private investments and sponsors to help.

"If somebody wants to rent a bike for an hour or a few hours, they'll have an app on their phone. They'll put their credit card information in. They'll check it out and then they can ride around," councilman Lee Vogler explains.

They plan to initially have five bike stations set up with 25 bikes total, that you can return to any station.

"It's kind of like a Red Box only with bicycles," Vogler says.

Folks in the area hope it can generate extra business.

"It'll probably drive up business in the area, especially the local places along the Riverwalk," Robert Collie, the owner of Bicycle Medic in Danville, says.

In the end Vogler stresses it's not about the dollar signs.

"That's not what the goal is. The goal is to have a public good for our citizens, for our visitors, and for people who live here."

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