Averett Athletics dish up famous hot dogs at Martinsville NASCAR race

Averett Athletics dish up famous hot dogs at Martinsville NASCAR race (WSET)

MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- For the past 12 years, the Averett Cougars have been dishing up some of your favorite NASCAR treats.

As fans got revved up for the weekend races, Averett Athletics worked at the most popular spot during the race - the famous Martinsville hot dog stand.

Travis Jones plays wide receiver for the Averett football team. He has come out here the past three years to work the concession stands. "It's a way to give back, and a way to team bond, we get to spend time together," said Jones, a junior at Averett.

Out of the 11 concession stands at the Martinsville Speedway, Averett Atheltics works five of them. "Talking to all these people, interacting with everyone, giving back, it's a really fun deal," said Averett junior Don Warren.

The Cougars love building comradery, while dishing out some dogs. "Just this morning we probably made 1500," said Cole Westberry, a freshman at Averett.

"You're doing it for your school, you're doing it for your program, your sport," explained Warren. It's a tradition that's been kept alive for 12 years.

Averett gets a cut of the money they make during race weekend. The Coach says it's money they use all year round.

"Interacting with people is something I love to do," said Westberry. "Being able to serve people and give them something, and have that to give back to me is just a great feeling. It's fun to represent Martinsville and represent Averett at the same time."

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