40 employees laid off from Valley Processing after company announces closure

Bedford town officials confirmed Valley Processing is closing on Friday (Photo: Valencia Jones)

BEDFORD, Va. (WSET) -- Valley Processing in Bedford is officially closing.

40 employees were laid off as a result of the closure on Friday.

It had been a rumor for several weeks that Valley Processing was closing, but the company didn't confirm until Friday that it was actually shutting its doors.

Business officials said it was a corporate decision from the company based out of California.

The company was bought out by Hexpol earlier this month.

Valley Processing has been in Bedford for the last three to four years after the business that was there before them went bankrupt.

At the time, Valley Processing absorbed the employees that were impacted by that closure.

Officials said Friday they hope to bring another business to fill the building, but it will remain vacant until then.

Bedford town officials are working with the employees who lost their jobs and trying to help them find other jobs in the area.

Valley Processing is a custom mixed rubber compound supplier providing custom elastomeric mixed compounds and calendar service for the U.S. and world wide market, according to its website.

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