3-year-old DWTS fan dances into Rashad Jennings' heart

(Thompson Family)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - Watch out Emma Slater, a new partner might be dancing her way into Rashad Jennings' heart.

Rae Rae Thompson is only 3-years-old, and she's a dancing star in her own right.

"She thought she was on stage," her mother Winoa Thompson said.

Rae Rae was mimicking the moves of Emma and Rashad.

Thompson posted the video and tagged Jennings.

Not long after, someone from his teach reached out, "They contacted me and asked could they post it and of course I was like, 'Oh my gosh, is this real?," Thompson said.

Jennings posted the video to his page, saying "It's so awesome to know that somewhere in my home state of Virginia, there is this sweet little girl named Rae Rae who is inspired by Emma Slater and me to dance like nothing else matters!"

"Dance is just to do something for fun, makes you happy, makes you feel good, don't it?" Thompson said.

Rae Rae's mother says she may have gotten some of her moves from ballet and dance class.

Next up is tap class, and she's sure to be a natural.

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