Update: USDA Round Up Geese at Lake Vista Wednesday

Update 3:45 p.m.:

Bedford Co., VA - The goose round-up started Wednesday in Bedford County when federal wildlife management officials picked them up to be killed.

The Lake Vista property manager confirms the USDA captured 66 geese Wednesday morning in Forest, but says some still had their flying feathers and got away.

The sheriff's office sent a deputy to the roundup, at the request of the USDA, but says there were no problems.

Some neighbors had sued the property owners association, hoping to save the birds.

A judge ruled in favor of the association on Monday, clearing the way for the roundup.


Update Wednesday 11 a.m.:

Bedford Co., VA - The Lake Vista property manager says officials from the USDA rounded up 66 geese Wednesday morning.

Updates to come.


Bedford Co., VA - PETA is getting involved in the fight to save a flock of geese in a Bedford County neighborhood.

The animal rights group sent a letter to the Lake Vista Property Owners Association, urging its leaders to call off the planned killing of the birds.

A judge denied a request by some neighbors that would have stopped the planned roundup by the USDA.

PETA says if the association insists on killing the geese, it should be done humanely.