Treating vertigo

Physical therapists use the Epley Maneuver to cure vertigo (Photo: Danner Evans).

It's the sudden sensation that you're spinning, but you just moved your head. You don't have to live with vertigo though.

The physical therapist may have the key to relief.

Vertigo happens when crystals in your ear are dislodged out of the base and get into the fluid of the ear canal. This causes an improper signal to the brain that you're spinning.

But using the Epley Maneuver, physical therapist Melanie Marks can get those crystals back where they need to be.

"It's a fairly simple procedure. You have to determine which canal is involved and which side," Marks said. "The position of the head gets the crystals using gravity to track down. And then you switch to a 90 degree rotation there and the crystals will migrate back to the canal."

Marks said patients have a quick response -- it usually only takes one or two treatments.

In addition to the positional retraining, Marks said she will often retrain the ear and brain to communicate the right way again.

Talk to your doctor for a referral.

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