Summer time sickness

Summer time brings it's own set of illnesses (Keaton Fox KOKH).

Summer time means trips to beach, lake, pool or hiking and playing outside. But you don't want all of that fun to leave you sick. put together a list of 5 common summer illnesses.

First up -- heat-related illness when your body loses the ability to cool itself off. It's important to keep hydrated -- especially children and the elderly.

Second on the list, food poisoning. Hot temperatures are the perfect environment for bacteria to grow -- the USDA says foodborne illnesses increase in the summer. Make sure you keep your cold foods under 40 degrees, cook meet to the right temp and wash your hands.

Also, more of us are spending time outside so there's more exposure to poison ivy, oak and sumac.

Getting out on the water also makes people sick. Different types of bacteria can be transmitted through swimming pools, hot tubs, and lakes, and cause infection -- like Norovirus and E Coli.

Finally, and one of the bigger issues nurse practitioner Amy Johnson sees are problems with bug bites-- especially ticks.

"If you've been exposed to ticks and you have flu symptoms it is best to see your doctor and be checked and be on antibiotics,” Johnson said. “They can easily be treated with antibiotics."

If gone untreated, the long term effects can be pretty severe in some cases -- sometimes causing organ failure.

Johnson said to be sure to check you and your family from head to toe, every night for ticks because lots of people are getting sick from them right now.

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