Lynchburg Doctor Offers Tips on How to Prevent the Flu

Lynchburg, VA - With the start of flu season, many people are wondering how to avoid getting sick.

Some doctors say there are several ways to prevent the flu without getting the flu shot, including Dr. Jeff Tanzar from the Tanzar Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Forest. His practice promotes 5 essentials of health that can improve your immune system.

Dr. Tanzar says when dealing with the common cold or the flu, you should focus on three things: lowering sugar intake, taking vitamin D and maintaining the nervous system through spinal correction.

"The research shows us that when you have sugar in your body, it immediately suppresses your immune function for 2 to 6 hours. It also shows us that Vitamin D is critically important and probably the most significant missing nutrient in people's bodies regarding the immune system," said Dr. Tanzar.

Learn about the 5 essentials of maximized living on Dr. Tanzar's website.

You can also watch a complete explanation on three ways to avoid getting the flu on the video on the right.