Lynchburg Cardiac Arrest Survival Rates Up

Lynchburg, VA - The chances of surviving a cardiac event are higher in Lynchburg than most places across the country, according to new numbers from Lynchburg EMS.

Battalion Chief Heather Childress says 54% of people who go into cardiac arrest are resuscitated and survive to make it to the hospital.

Childress says that's compared to 23% nationally.

The number of patients who survive after receiving treatment at the hospital is higher as well.

Childress says patients have a 13% survival rate compared to 9% nationally. She says it's thanks to their use of technology and focused training.

"We had one of our off duty paramedics that was working out at the gym this weekend and someone had a cardiac arrest on some machines in front of him. And a couple our employees were working out at the gym, did CPR resuscitated the patient before our own medic unit got there," Childress said.

Lynchburg EMS has launched its 10-and-10 initiative, training everyday people to perform CPR.

Officials say you're more likely to need to perform CPR on people you know and love.