Health Check: Physical therapy during pregnancy

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - For years a lot of Ob-gyn's would suggest you just pop a Tylenol for the pain.

But now they're sending pregnant women to physical therapy.

Alex Wall spent much of her pregnancy in physical therapy. At 10 weeks her pain started.

"It was just pain in my lower back,” Wall explained. “I couldn't walk. It hurt to sit, walk, lay. It hurt to do anything."

More than two-thirds of pregnant women experience this low back pain according to

There’s a lot to that according to physical therapist Heather Brumfield.

"Their center of gravity is moving forward so they're putting more pressure in their back,” Brumfield said. “As well as the stomach muscles are stretching so they're not stabilizing the back muscles as well.”

Brumfield said doctors are referring a growing number of pregnant women to her.

"Instead of pain medicine they can come to physical therapy," Brumfield said. “I can feel the instability. I can feel the movement."

In 4-6 weeks most are able to get back to everyday life without the pain.

"It made the difference between me being able to walk the dog and not walk the dog,” Wall said. “It helped me be able to do what I needed to get through every day."

Brumfield suggested you talk to your doctor to get a referral.

We also have 7 easy tips for erasing and avoid back pain during pregnancy.

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